It's Time for Change

Clapping for (some of) our Key Workers was great, but like rainbows, some things fade with time.

So we are here to provide a permanent thank you, that promises to make the UK’s Key Workers feel valued, visible and empowered in equal measure.

Welcome to key worker nation.

It’s time to give our Key Workers a rewarding platform where they can speak their mind and have their voices heard far and wide.

And it’s time to give them access to more affordable housing and greater support at every turn.

Our mission

It shouldn’t take a global pandemic for our Key Workers to be appreciated, so our mission is unapologetically simple.

We believe there’s a collective responsibility to truly champion and support our invaluable Key Workers and ensure that it doesn’t require the world coming to a standstill to stand up for what’s right.

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Our vision is to create and deliver a range of products and services that provide lasting, permanent help and support to Key Workers.

This begins with the launch of Key Worker Magazine, the continuation of our Housing for Key Workers project and our forthcoming Key Worker online community.

Martin Johnson

Key Worker Magazine

One of the main ambitions at Key Worker Nation is to provide a lasting and permanent thank you to Key Workers around the country. It’s why we’re proud to have developed the UK’s first online magazine dedicated exclusively to Key Worker readers.

Packed with useful content covering everything from health, housing and financial guidance to exclusive discounts to help with the ongoing cost-of-living crisis, the magazine will also feature articles written by Key Workers.

After all, who better to talk about the unique daily challenges of being a Key Worker in today’s world than those who solve them every day?

ISSUE 1 is out now!

housing for key workers

We believe Key Workers deserve a place to call home after a hard day at work. That’s why one of our initiatives at Key Worker Nation is providing subsidised, high quality and affordable housing through a network of trusted and friendly landlords (no penny-pinching opportunists on our watch).

On top of this, we all also help tenants by refunding their Council Tax.

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